Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Questions about your product


1. Does your device work without any problems?


The device should power on. All buttons work perfectly. The device performs all functions as intended. All parts/ components are in their original condition and the operating system has not been replaced or modified. We cannot accept devices that have been opened or devices that have the serial number is missing.

Please make sure to deactivate passwords, lock codes or cloud connections before sending your device.

2. Does the battery have a maximum capacity of at least 80%?

As of iOS 11.3, Apple offers owners of an iPhone or iPad the opportunity to receive information about the health of the battery

- Select Settings> Battery> Battery Condition.
- If the value "Maximum capacity" is 80% or more, please select "Yes", otherwise please select "No".

3. Is your device locked to a network?

Please select the network of your mobile phone. If different network sim cards work in your phone then please select Unlocked.

4. Please assess the condition of the display

Like New
The display of device is like new and shows no signs of wear

Very good
The display is in a very good condition and only has a few slight signs of use - e.g. some slight, superficial scratches
The scratches on the display cannot be seen when the device is switched on.

The display has some obvious signs of wear
For example light scratches that can be felt with your fingernail

The display shows very strong signs of wear
For example several deep scratches

Cracked/ Broken
The display glass is broken
The display remains black or has colour defects

5. Please assess the condition of the backcover and the frame

Like New
The back and frame look like new and shows little or no signs of wear

Very good
The back and frame has slight signs of wear
For example superficial scratches

The back or frame has some clearly visible signs of wear
For example clear scratches that can be felt with the fingernail

The back and / or frame shows very strong signs of wear
For example deep, large scratches on the back or clear signs of impact on the frame

Faulty/ Damaged
The back or frame is damaged
For example broken or cracked housing or broken camera glass

6. The "Find my iPhone / iPad / iPod" function must be disabled (activation lock) - otherwise purchase is not possible

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Price Offer:

£ - 

Unfortunately, we cannot buy your device this way.

Leider können wir dein Gerät so nicht ankaufen.
Preisvorschlag: -,- £

How to sell my Samsung Galaxy A5?

The Samsung Galaxy series have always been popular and the A5 is no exception. Which means we can offer you a great price for them, Samsung don't hold their value as well as iPhone's but all we have to do is ask you some questions regarding the condition of the phone and we'll offer you the best price we can.

Why should I resell my Samsung Galaxy A5?

reBuy well refurbish your phone and put it back in to circulation. This means your phone will have the longest life possible, this not only conserves valuable materials, but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that occur during manufacturing. Even if your device has a small amount of damage, we'll be happy to take it off your hands.

Can I still sell my Samsung Galaxy A5 if it's broken?

Of course you can. The price you get for your Samsung Galaxy A5 may go down, but you can sell it no problem. If your device is only slightly damaged such as general wear and tear, this is easily refurbished. However if the screen has large cracks, chips or is water damaged it can be trickier. As long as you declare this when selling your phone with reBuy, you'll get the price you're offered when quoted.